Start investing with confidence

The 4-step learning and investing system

In this course, you will learn about the 4 steps of successful index investing: Understand, Strategize, Execute and Profit.

You will gain the knowledge and learn techniques (in the General Knowledge track) for each of the 4 steps, and then implement them for your own investing (in the Personal Journey track).

Here is the 4-step learning and investing system:


Each of these steps is essential for successful investing and we will go through them progressively so that you get the full benefits of long term index investing.

Course Content and Format

All together, the Index Investing Program includes:

  • The full online course, in the form of short videos, available on demand, made available to you week by week over 6 weeks, to take you through the 4-step learning and investing system. The full curriculum is available at the bottom of this page.

  • 6 recorded Q&A sessions, one for each week, with questions from over 40 participants. You can select the questions that are most interesting to you and get the responses you need.

  • A personal investment plan template, that you will complete with your own information and strategy as you progress through the course (disclaimer: this is not personal investment advice, you will develop your personal investment plan yourself, based on the knowledge gained in this course)

  • A rebalancing tool, to help you manage your portfolio over the long term

  • A long term financial independence forecasting tool to help you plan for your financial freedom.

  • Access to the course private Facebook group where participants support and help each other. Sebastien is also available there to answer questions.

Everything you need to learn and get started successfully!

Outcome of the course

At the end of the 6 weeks, provided you do the work (of course), you will have learned how to develop the following elements for your personal investing:

  1. How to invest simply and effectively with index ETFs (the philosophy and mindset to be successful long term)

  2. How to build your personal portfolio, based on your personal situation an needs (including the selection process to identify the best ETFs optimized for Belgian taxes, as well as a shortlist of both bonds and stock ETFs, including sustainable options)

  3. How to select the right broker for your personal situation, open and fund your account

  4. How to practically make your first investment (step-by-step detailed process and demo)

  5. How to write your own personal investment plan, summarizing your entire long term investment strategy in a logical and concise way

Also, based on what past students say about the course, you will get more:

  1. CLARITY about your investment goals and how index investing will help you achieve them

  2. CONFIDENCE that you have the necessary knowledge and understanding to do it on your own

  3. PEACE OF MIND, knowing that your savings are optimally invested and working hard for you following  a solid plan tailored to your own situation and needs.

Start now and learn how to invest in just a few weeks!

Feedback from past students of this course

Here is what they say

Easy step by step plan to follow and start immediately

Tom and Angela

We loved working with Sebastien because of the knowledge, experience, and passion he shares during his course. His pays attention to his students and their challenges and he is very genuine. We really recommend the course for anyone starting their journey with investing or financial independence and feels overwhelmed. This course is clear, and very well structured. It has all the essential information for anybody who wants to pursue FI by investing in ETFs. It offers an easy step by step plan to follow and start immediately.

I already feel the benefits of taking control of my investing


The course with Sebastien solved that problem for me as he explained very clearly what ETFs were available, which ones were optimal for investors in Belgium, including sustainable options. He also explained how taxes work and how we can best handle that as well as the other costs involved in investing. Thanks to this course, I have now opened my brokerage account and I have started investing in ETFs. I already feel the benefits of taking control of my investing. Financial independence is a good prospect. I feel more confident about the future and more free!

Big emotional relief


The tangible benefits for me are a very precious gain of time and a concentration of information available in an efficient and entertaining way. Indeed, I managed in few weeks to built an additional retirement project from scratch to reality. This is also a big emotional relief to know that this investment plan is now in place, that my savings do not loose value anymore and that my retirement plan is in a good shape. I can now enjoy more or focused on other personal projects.

Your investment

Investing in this course will save you time, money and costly beginner's mistake. Get to the finish line, make your money grow and get peace of mind in just 6 weeks.

Most people take at least 6 to 12 months to figure out DIY index investing on their own (some never do), and there is still a chance they will make one or several of the usual beginner's mistakes. 

In this course, you will also learn how to optimize for fees, and taxes, as well as long term investment returns. 

The gains from these simple changes in your personal finance will be far greater than your investment  to join the course.

Here is what you get

1. Full 6-weeks instruction program (value 2000 euros)

2. Personal investment plan template (value 400 euros)

3. Rebalancing tool (value 100 euros)

4. Private community and support (value 400 euros)

5. Frequently asked questions (6 recorded Q&A sessions) (BONUS)

6. Financial Independence forecasting tool (BONUS)




Invest in your future by investing in your education

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Introduction to index investing

    • Step 1: Understand

    • What is index investing?

    • Why index investing?

    • The power of index investing

    • What about the risks of investing?

    • Basic terminology

    • What is an index ETF?

  • 3

    The 4 pillars of index investing

    • The 4 pillars of index investing

    • The Bogleheads investing philosophy

    • Solid Foundations

    • Pillar 1: Invest for the long term

    • Pillar 2: Diversify

    • Pillar 3: Keep costs low

    • Pillar 4: Keep it simple

    • Stay the course

    • Before you start investing

    • Quiz

  • 4

    Week 1 Q&A

    • Q&A from week 1 (see list of questions in the description)

  • 5

    Risk tolerance and asset allocation

    • Introduction to asset allocation

    • What is asset allocation

    • How to determine your asset allocation

    • Ability, Willingness and Need to take risk

    • Life-cycle investing

    • 1. Early savers

    • 2. Mid-journey accumulators

    • 3. Transitioners

    • 4. Withdrawers

    • Asset allocation conclusion

    • Your Personal Investment Plan (PIP) - part 1

  • 6

    Week 2 Q&A

    • Q&A from week 2 (see list of questions in the description)

  • 7

    Selecting and opening a brokerage account

    • Disclaimer

    • The role of brokers

    • How to select your online broker

    • Broker selection: access

    • Broker selection: security

    • Broker selection: convenience, reputation and costs

    • Brokers available in Belgium - part 1

    • Broker available in Belgium - part 2

    • How to open a brokerage account

    • Example: Opening a Bolero account

  • 8

    Week 3 Q&A

    • Q&A from week 3 (see list of questions in the description)

  • 9

    Selecting your stock ETF(s)

    • Intro to ETF selection

    • How to select your stock ETFs

    • How do we make money with index ETF investing

    • How taxes impact index investing from Belgium

    • ETF domicile

    • Belgian tax on ETF dividend distributions

    • Capital gain tax in Belgium

    • Belgian tax on stock exchange transaction

    • Optimizing ETF investing for taxes in Belgium

    • Tax on investment account

    • Is the ETF registered in Belgium?

    • Global stock indices

    • Sustainable & ethical investing

    • Finding your ETFs

    • Example of ETF factsheet

    • Examples of stock ETFs for index investors in Belgium

    • Examples of ETF combinations for the stock part of your portfolio

  • 10

    Week 4 Q&A

    • Q&A from week 4 (see list of questions in the description)

  • 11

    Selecting your bond ETF

    • How to select your bond index ETF

    • Capital gain on bond ETF

    • Overview of bond ETF selection criteria

    • Examples of bond ETFs for index investors in Belgium

  • 12

    Making your first investment

    • How to make your first investment

    • Knowledge and experience test

    • Brokerage account overview

    • How to fund your account

    • Finding and shortlisting you ETFs

    • How to buy (or sell) an ETF - part 1: Binck Bank

    • How to buy (or sell) an ETF - part 2: Bolero

  • 13

    Week 5 Q&A

    • Q&A from week 5 (see list of questions in the description)

  • 14

    Stay the course

    • Introduction to Stay the course

    • How to rebalance

    • How to use the rebalancing tool

    • Completing your Personal Investment Plan

    • Tailoring your account for long term investing

    • How to sell and withdraw

    • Changing brokers

    • The key to success: Stay the course

  • 15

    Bonus: Financial Independence

    • What do you mean financial independence?

    • The simple path to financial independence

    • How much do you need? The 4% rule of thumb

    • How long does it take to reach FI?

    • Estimate your FI number and timeline (tool demo part 1)

    • The true power of index investing (tool demo part 2)

  • 16

    Bonus: Impact

    • What drives me

  • 17

    Week 6 Q&A

    • Q&A from week 6 (see list of questions in the description)

Hi, I am Sebastien Aguilar

I have helped hundreds of people get started with index investing. I am here to help you too.

I am the founder of where I lead and facilitate the activities of the Financial Independence community in Belgium. I have been investing in index funds since 2013 and it has completely changed my life. The security and freedom it provides has allowed me to make time in my life for wat is really important to me today: my family. The concepts behind index investing are simple and powerful and I believe everyone can benefit from it. This is why I have been sharing my knowledge on this topic since 2015. My talks and events have helped thousands of people so far, and I hope that this course will allow me to help even more people more effectively, including you!
Learn Index Investing with Sebastien Aguilar